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Microwave Oven Repair Service You Can Rely On!

You wanted to reheat the food, but your microwave stopped working? You want to defrost the meat, but you get a piece of ice out of the chamber instead of this? Maybe your microwave plate doesn’t spin, and the dish gets burned? Don’t worry. All these and other possible issues are solvable.

Nowadays, a microwave oven is an immanent appliance in any household, and it is used many times per day to provide us with heated food. Even expensive models tend to malfunction, and sometimes one repair can cause new issues.

That is why you should consider choosing a reliable microwave fixer when you resort to “microwave repair near me service.” Even qualified specialists sometimes lack the experience to properly repair a smart or built-in microwave.

So, where to repair microwave? How long will it take to repair your microwave? We will try to answer the questions below.

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Where Can You Find A Reliable Microwave Specialist?

The person who repairs the microwave must be qualified and experienced. Such a specialist has to take abreast of the time and constantly improve professional skills. It is crucial because microwave models are also improving daily, and new features appear. To fix some problems with a smart microwave, the technician must know how to program it correctly. We always pay attention to these factors while hiring and selecting our specialists to work.

Types Of Microwave Appliances We Deal With

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Over the range microwave

As its name says, such microwave is placed over the range. It helps to save space and create a centralized cooking location. Over the range, the microwave has a built-in ventilation system. It also has two filters: charcoal filter and grease filter. That is why specialists have to consider these factors, as they can be the causes for an issue too. It is essential to uninstall such an appliance properly if needed and then, after repair, install it back.

Lower profile microwave

It is a more compact version of the microwave, can be placed over range or under a cabinet. The main difference is that the lower profile model is more compact, and its repair is more delicate. All in all, it is similar to an over-the-range microwave in maintenance.

Built-in microwave

This type of microwave is built in the wall or cabinet. Such a model usually has additional high-end features, and that is why sometimes a qualified professional, who knows how to repair a given microwave brand, is needed. Our specialists know how to deal with Bosch, Samsung, Kitchen aid, Panasonic, Frigidaire, GE, etc. Contact our service to see whether we have a specialist who can repair your appliance!

Countertop microwave

Countertop microwave is placed on the counter. It is easy to relocate. It has a lower price than other models, and it is easier to repair because uninstallation or reinstallation is not needed. However, there are different countertop versions of the microwave with additional features. That is the factor that technicians must consider while handling an issue.

Under-counter microwave

It is usually placed in the lower cabinet and saves space in the kitchen. It is more expensive than a countertop version and more costly to repair. Sometimes, additional uninstallation and reinstallation are needed to examine a microwave or fix it thoroughly.

Convection microwave

A convection microwave is a combination of convection and microwave oven. It can perform the functions of both appliances. Its mechanism is more complex as it has more compartments than a standard microwave. In most cases, such equipment has different working modes and can do baking, cooking, roasting, reheating, etc. A really skilled professional is needed to discover the cause of the malfunction and to repair a convection microwave.

Wall oven and microwave combination

It is connected to the oven microwave. It always has a swing-down door to fit the appearance of an oven. This type of microwave has a high price and can sometimes be expensive to repair. Problems with the wall oven can also lead to issues with the microwave. Our specialists always examine both parts of this appliance to discover an exact cause of a malfunction.

Smart microwave

It is a programmable microwave that has a lot of features. The most popular features are wi-fi connection, voice control and so on. Some smart microwaves even have their own smartphone apps to control them. Any type of microwave can also be a smart model, influencing its price and repair cost. We recommend you try to solve an issue using your microwave brand manual. If it doesn’t help, we will send you our best specialist to handle your case.

Solo, grill and steam microwaves

Microwave ovens can also be defined by the principle of how they work. Solo microwaves work using only radiation to influence the molecules inside the meal to emit heat. That is why your plate is cold sometimes, while the soup is hot. The primary function of the solo model is to reheat and make easy-cooking operations.

Grill microwave also uses the grill principle of work. It emits waves and heats the meal from the bottom, providing extra heat. In such a microwave, you can also cook many dishes, but the grill plate sometimes can be an additional cause of malfunctions of the whole appliance.

The steam microwave also uses steam as a heater. This steam is injected by the boiler. A leakproofness is essential in such an appliance. Our specialists always pay attention to this factor to repair an oven and prevent further malfunctions.

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