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Why Is It So Important Not To Postpone The Faulty Range Hood Problems Fixing?

Range hoods are often underestimated as many inexperienced householders consider them responsible only for odours removal. “What for? I can simply open the window” – one can claim. Though, the reality is harsh.

A range hood is the main air circulator in the room. Every time you cook anything with your range hood turned off, air grease suspensions and burned microscopic food particles launch from your frying pan into the air and start flying around. Sooner or later, they all will land somewhere. On your soft furniture, your clothes, floors, walls and window glass.

We believe no one enjoys frequent full-scale house cleanings. That is why range hood motor repair can indeed be considered an emergency job.

Types Of Range Hoods We Repair

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Sure, everyone has seen these simple dome-formed hoods as they are the most common option that suits almost any kitchen design. It requires no special preparations to install and accomplish the interior of any style. In case of repairs needed, it can also be easily dismantled, leaving cabinets untouched.

Under Cabinet

Along with classic wall-mounted hood, this type is widely spread across Canadian kitchens. Its simplicity and practicality often win favour, as it is so convenient to store different kitchenware in the cabinets above the hood. Construction of the hood allows access to main components and makes the repair process not so hard to perform. However, repairmen or duct cleaners may need to dismantle the cabinets if the problem hides higher in the vents.


Inserts were originally designed to ease the customization of the kitchen. The construction of the hood is hidden behind custom-built covers. It’s repair process differs slightly from regular wall-mounted or under-cabinet models. The most common “diseases” stay the same – motor failures, range hood fan noise, jammed fans and total inability to start the operation.


As its name suggests, island hoods are suitable in island-designed kitchens only. They are literally made for each other. This hood type often has a futuristic or cylindric loft design with a monolith body frame. In case of significant repairs needed, it can be uneasy to dismantle the hood completely to get to the motor. But for its appearance, you can forgive this stylish unit for such inconveniences.


Downdrafts may be the most advanced and hi-tech hood type among existing. It stands separately due to one constructional feature – it is not placed above the cooktop but behind it. The hood “pulls” the polluted air to the side and removes it through the vents placed under the floor. Downdraft requires special preparations for its installation on the kitchen design stage. And its stylishness hides the reverse side – fast wear-and-tear, complicated dismantling process, costly spare parts, etc.

The range hoods are also divided into ducted and ductless:

Ducted Range Hood

Ducted hoods grab the air from the inside and push it to the outside through the essential vent canals. Most wall- and ceiling-mounted hoods are of this type. They require proper ductwork but result in cleaner air in the kitchen.

Ductless Range Hood

Ductless hoods can’t compare with ducted in effectivity. They do not deliver polluted air outside but clean it with different filters and return it to your kitchen. Some advanced options use charcoal filters as the most efficient.

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